What we do

At Baker’s remedy we work tirelessly with local manufacturers to deliver the most effective topical and natural CBD products available – Our CBD products stop pain in its tracks, Helps to normalize natural endocannabinoids, and is useful for everything from bug bites to chapped lips and skin issues.

How we do it

Baker’s remedy was created out of necessity, our founder, Max Baker Jr. required endless surgeries after an accident which left him fighting to save his life and his leg. Not wanting to rely on dangerous pain pills, he created a formula which is both safe and very effective. Now one of his greatest joys is sharing Baker’s Remedy with people just like you, and hearing about the positive results. Baker’s Remedy can be used alone or incorporated into any current regimen.

Our commitment

Our main priority is customer satisfaction which is why we make our products directly available to customers both online and in person to ensure that they remain easily accessible as many people rely on our products for relief. If your company shares this vision feel free to reach out to us, we offer wholesale quantities and we would love to work with you.